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Our Vision & Mission
At Efficacious Global Ministries, our vision is to bring effective  productive change within the Detroit Metropolitan area, understanding that such change will impact the world at large. We will be complete in God in the presentation of the gospel to the lost, including every man, woman, boy and girl, as such will bring restoration to individuals and to families, for the cause of Christ.
We will fulfill our vision by feeding the hungry, ministering to the homeless, clothing the poor and needy, ministering to the elderly and widows. We will educate everyone with the practicality of the Word of God and the functionality of living with the framework of society, as a functioning born again believer. We will bring spiritual insight, training, development and direction to all that are in need, to all that are called and to all that are chosen for the purpose of fulfilling the vision of Efficacious Ministries.
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